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The Graph Indexer Office Hours #136

Events Dec 07, 2023 No Comments

TL;DR: Zac from Edge & Node shared more information on Horizon, a new design for The Graph protocol that promises improved trust, efficiency, direct indexing fees, a larger addressable market, and greater simplicity. The article also covers updates on various protocols and repositories. Welcome to another edition of Indexer Office Hours! Today is December 5, and this is Indexer Office…

The Graph Indexer Office Hours #135

Events Dec 02, 2023 No Comments

TL;DR: The Graph team hosted Indexer Office Hours 135 on November 28, 2023. The meeting covered a variety of topics, including a discussion of the future of indexing, the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem, the importance of decentralization, the challenges of indexing on Arbitrum One, the macroeconomics of indexing, decentralized gateways, the new era roadmap for indexers, and the development of large language models (LLMs). Welcome to…

What Are Indexer Office Hours?

Events Nov 22, 2023 1 Comment

TL;DR: Indexer Office Hours is a weekly event on Discord where indexers learn from experienced indexers, ask questions, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments. The event is open to everyone, and no registration is required. Indexer Office Hours is a weekly event held on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. UTC on The Graph Discord, where ecosystem participants come…

The Graph’s Next Chapter: A Layperson’s View of a World Of Data Services

The Graph Nov 14, 2023 1 Comment

Diving into “A World Of Data Services” GIP-0042. Imagine The Graph as a massive digital library. Right now, this library mainly has one kind of digital book called “subgraphs.” But some folks realized that just one type of book isn’t cutting it for everyone’s needs. So, they’re suggesting we add more varieties. Dive deeper and read on to discover how…

The Graph Indexer Office Hours #132

Events Nov 13, 2023 No Comments

TL;DR: Join Indexer Office Hours #132 to learn about the latest updates on The Graph protocol, including support for Ronin mainnet, decimal Smart Chain integration, auto grafting feature, and more. Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Indexer Office Hours! We’re excited to be back to discuss indexing with you. We’ll be covering a variety of topics, including: You can…