Unlock Liquidity & Rewards with Tenderize Liquid Staking on The Graph

Insights By Apr 30, 2024 1 Comment

TL;DR: Tenderize offers liquid staking solutions on The Graph, ensuring your crypto stays liquid and works for you, thanks to innovative tools that stabilize liquidity and decentralize validator selection. Tenderize is a liquid staking protocol where you can stake crypto and receive staking rewards without locking your deposit. Read on to discover more about Tenderize, its approach, and its connection…

Attention Developers: Do You Have the Skills to Flourish in Web3?

Insights By Apr 23, 2024 2 Comments

TL;DR: Learn the skills that you will need as a developer making the transition from Web 2.0 to web3. Software development is a rapidly evolving landscape of tools and techniques, where the next groundbreaking technology could consist of only a few lines of code. To compete, developers must keep up with new software and technical skills. Blockchain technology and web3…