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The Great Blob Rescue: How Pinax and The Graph Saved the Day!

Pinax, The Graph By Jul 09, 2024 1 Comment

Pull back the curtain and discover how Pinax helped ensure long-term blob storage after EIP-4844. TL;DR: Thanks to quick work from the Pinax team and a flexible, performant software built by StreamingFast, The Graph saved the blobs from centralized doom. The Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4844 (EIP-4844), colloquially known as the “blobs” or “proto-danksharding” proposal, enhances Ethereum’s scalability by enabling temporary…

Web3 Developers Unite: Highlights from Chengdu Gathering

Events, Pinax By Jul 03, 2024 No Comments

The Graph, Pinax, and POP Planet hosted the event for devs to share blockchain indexing techniques. On June 23, 2024, The Graph, Pinax, and POP Planet (POPP) co-hosted a private event in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, focusing on technology sharing for web3 developers. Industry professionals, including code engineers and operations staff, were invited. Empowering web3 creators The event aimed to share…

Seven Strong: Pinax Credits Resilience and Determination for Success

Pinax By Jun 18, 2024 2 Comments

Our story begins with seven passionate people and a shared mission. TL;DR: Discover Pinax’s origin story—how we developed our blockchain data analytics and processing expertise to become a world-class web3 data streaming provider and core devs working on The Graph. Today, Pinax is a web3 data provider with a multi-chain vision. We offer fast and reliable access to blockchain data….

Arbitrum One Endpoints Now Available

Pinax By Jun 11, 2024 No Comments

Pinax has released Arbitrum One Firehose and Substreams endpoints on the Pinax app, expanding data stream accessibility to one of the leading Ethereum rollups. Anyone with a GitHub account can access the new endpoints from the Pinax app: For those looking to test their contracts, Pinax already provides data feeds for the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet, as well as dozens of…

Pinax’s Path Forward: Our Agenda for 2024

Pinax By Apr 03, 2024 3 Comments

TL;DR: In 2024, Pinax plans to support new chains integrating with the network, enrich new data services, assist with the sunrise of decentralized data, and provide educational resources for web3 builders. Pinax is gearing up for an ambitious 2024. We’re aiming to enhance The Graph and web3 developer ecosystem through innovation and support. Our mission? To catalyze growth, streamline development,…

Introducing RPC Endpoints from Pinax

Pinax By Feb 20, 2024 No Comments

Indexers can now harness the speed and power of Pinax RPC endpoints… and can start using them for free! Pinax now offers RPC endpoints for BNB, Ethereum, Mode, and Polygon, with more coming soon! We’re offering unlimited access to our full RPC suite free for a limited time, showcasing our commitment to enabling creators with web3. Try out our new high-performance RPC services…

University Students Gain Hands-On Web3 Experience with Pinax

Pinax By Feb 06, 2024 5 Comments

Learn how we support students looking for opportunities in web3 technologies. TL;DR: Discover how Pinax is helping university students into the web3 space, fostering hands-on blockchain projects and collaborations that bridge academia and industry. Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Ever wonder how fresh minds at universities can navigate and contribute to the ever-evolving web3 space? Pinax has been passionately working on…

A Year in Highlights: Pinax’s Achievements in 2023

Pinax By Jan 04, 2024 2 Comments

TL;DR: Follow along as we celebrate a year of remarkable milestones, highlighting the company’s evolution as a core development team for The Graph. Join us as we look back on the highlights of 2023, reflecting on the moments that shaped Pinax into what it is today, and setting our sights on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. In this post,…

Breaking! Pinax Now Supports Firehose and Substreams for EOS, WAX, Telos & UX

Get fast and reliable access to blockchain data in seconds. We’re truly delighted to announce that Pinax is adding APIs for Antelope blockchains to its free public service. You can now use Firehose and Substreams for EOS, WAX, Telos, and UX! Support for Ultra is coming soon. Give it a try! The quickstart guide will walk you through the steps…

Introducing the New Pinax App, a Better Way to Manage Your Firehose and Substreams Services

Pinax By Dec 08, 2023 3 Comments

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Pinax app, a web-based platform that helps you easily manage your Pinax Firehose and Substreams services. Whether you’re an indexer, a developer, or a curious explorer, the new app will help you get the most out of our services. If you’ve been using the old app, which is no…