Arbitrum One Endpoints Now Available

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Pinax has released Arbitrum One Firehose and Substreams endpoints on the Pinax app, expanding data stream accessibility to one of the leading Ethereum rollups.

Anyone with a GitHub account can access the new endpoints from the Pinax app:

  1. Create or select a project to find your API key and JSON web token.
  2. Select the tab for the service you want.
  3. Click the dropdown for the Arbitrum blockchain, and make sure mainnet is selected.
  4. Use the endpoint provided for the Arbitrum One mainnet.

For those looking to test their contracts, Pinax already provides data feeds for the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet, as well as dozens of other blockchains.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum One is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that significantly improves the performance and efficiency of Ethereum-based applications.

It utilizes an off-chain execution environment to reduce gas costs while preserving the security and decentralization benefits of the Ethereum mainnet.

Optimistic rollups

The protocol uses “optimistic rollups,” which assume that all transactions are valid by default and only perform full computation in the event of a dispute. This technique allows Arbitrum One to achieve higher throughput and faster confirmation times compared to traditional on-chain transactions.


Arbitrum is compatible with Ethereum’s existing developer tools. Protocols like The Graph use Arbitrum to reduce gas costs and speed up transactions. This improved efficiency allows users to stake for indexing rewards and pay for indexing services without excessive fees.

Try it

Get live filtered blockchain data about The Graph or any other contract in the Pinax app. For more detailed instructions, check out our introductory blog post.


Hi, I'm Andrew. After spending the first decade of my adult life as a music entrepreneur, and then stumbling into a blockchain obsession in 2017, I am now a technical writer and product owner with a commitment to facilitating builders and realizing the potential of decentralized money and power. My vision for the future is that all industries will encapsulate the business logic and value streams of their respective products into automated contracts that adequately reward each participant based on the value they create. These contracts are published open-source, and anybody who thinks value should be rewarded differently can publish their own version and compete in the marketplace based on the results of their theory of value and the behavior it incentivizes. Decentralized organizations will compete on which supply chain participants are most rewarded, what governance structure the organization uses, whether to offer voting rights for tokenized customer rewards, and so much more. It all stems from the central theme of blockchain: Money is power. We can now create our own money. We can now create our own power. We must use it wisely.

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