Web3 Developers Unite: Highlights from Chengdu Gathering

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The Graph, Pinax, and POP Planet hosted the event for devs to share blockchain indexing techniques.

On June 23, 2024, The Graph, Pinax, and POP Planet (POPP) co-hosted a private event in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, focusing on technology sharing for web3 developers. Industry professionals, including code engineers and operations staff, were invited.

Empowering web3 creators

The event aimed to share experiences and practical use cases of blockchain indexing technology, enabling creators in the web3 space to understand data indexing techniques. For example, participants learned how to use The Graph to build robust and engaging decentralized applications (dApps).

Eleven, a member of the Pinax Asia team, hosted the event, which featured speakers Le Sheng from The Graph, Lena from Pinax, and Neo, the head of the technical community at POPP.

Le Sheng gave an overview of The Graph’s role in the industry, its fundamental technical principles, application scenarios, and its support for AI infrastructure. He also highlighted The Graph Sunrise and reminded developers to migrate their subgraphs to the Arbitrum One network by June 28 to ensure the continuation of indexing rewards.

Lena focused on how Pinax, as a leading data service company, supports web3 developers with infrastructure and indexing solutions. She elaborated on Pinax’s efforts as a core development team working on The Graph to continuously innovate and enhance the network’s overall impact. Lena encouraged developers to visit the Pinax website to claim a free Pro Plan and provided details on how Chinese developers can access The Graph ecosystem news and technical updates.

Neo discussed POPP, an ambitious web3 social application primarily serving Southeast Asian markets. He highlighted the innovative ways that POPP uses The Graph to unlock new possibilities in social networking, distinct from traditional methods. 

Emphasizing the value proposition of web3 as an internet of value, where users can build their influence and receive quantifiable value in return, Neo also demonstrated how to easily manage encrypted addresses using digital identities. POPP’s efforts to reprocess and apply blockchain data in social products showcase the core values of web3: readability, writability, traceability, verifiability, and ownership.

Networking and discussion

The event closed with participants enjoying pizza and delicious snacks while introducing themselves. Everyone shared their work experiences, challenges, and future aspirations in the web3 space. 

A two-hour discussion followed, covering current industry development issues, technical challenges, and innovative directions. It was a high-quality dialogue and exchange, and we thank everyone for their contributions to the development of web3.


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