The Graph Indexer Office Hours #143

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TL;DR: The Graph community discusses balancing decentralization with user experience through a potential DAO for gateway standards and multi-gateway integrations, highlighting the need for economic security, clear interfaces, and open discussions.

Opening remarks

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of Indexer Office Hours! Today is February 6, and we’re here for Episode 143.

Consider this space your town square—a place where ecosystem participants gather to discuss crucial and relevant topics related to indexing.

Whether you’re an experienced indexer or just starting out, we encourage you to join the conversation and share your insights.

Don’t miss part 2 of the GRTiQ podcast with Rodrigo Coelho, Chief Spirit Officer at Edge & Node.

Repo watch

The latest updates to important repositories

Execution Layer Clients

  • Arbitrum-nitro: New release v2.2.3 If you get an error similar to the following on startup: ERROR[...] failed to get on-chain WASM module root err="execution reverted: NO_FUNC_SIG" That likely indicates that your parent chain execution client does not support the input field for calldata for eth_call and eth_estimateGas and needs to be updated. Previously, this JSON field was called data.

Consensus Layer Clients

Information on the different clients

  • Prysm: New release v4.2.1
    • Recommended upgrade for all users.
  • Nimbus: New release v24.2.0 :
    • Nimbus v24.2.0 is a low-urgency upgrade bringing important stability improvements for Deneb-enabled networks. It’s highly recommended for users who are testing their setups in the Holesky testnet, which will be transitioned to Deneb on February 7.

Graph Orchestration Tooling

Join us every other Wednesday at 5 pm UTC for Launchpad Office Hours and get the latest updates on running Launchpad.

The next one is on February 14. Bring all your questions!

Blockchains Operator Upgrade Calendar

The Blockchains Operator Upgrade Calendar is your one-stop solution for tracking hard fork updates and scheduled maintenance for various protocols within The Graph ecosystem.

Simplify your upgrade process and never miss a deadline again.

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Protocol watch

The latest updates on important changes to the protocol

Forum Governance

Contracts Repository

Open discussion

Graph Horizon Explained: a Proposal for the Evolution of the Protocol

  • Part 2 of discussion of Graph Horizon and the post shared by Pablo on the Graph Forum.
  • Pablo summarized concerns about consumer choice and potential centralization with indexer fees from last week.
  • Pablo proposes using economic security and low barrier to entry to mitigate centralization risks, and argues against consensus-based ISA due to verifiability concerns.
  • Pablo clarifies that disabling indexing rewards is not currently planned.
  • A proposal limiting the scope of a DAO to vendor lock-in and ISA standardization, and wondering if UX should be part of the DAO’s responsibility.
  • A suggestion that the DAO should provide transparency and viable products, with OKRs and community involvement.
  • Discussion on reducing council control and seeing value in a DAO for standards, certifications, and promoting multi-gateway integrations.
  • A proposal for standardizing ISA and creating the entity, with further discussion needed with the Foundation.
  • If there’s consensus on moving forward with DAO considering the gateway DAO/standards entity, with ISA fairness and ongoing indexing rewards.
  • The market forces will ensure good outcomes for consumers and misbehavior by gateways will be reflected in price and quality, ultimately benefiting indexers.
  • A concern was raised about the UX complexity of introducing another choice for users (gateways).
  • Marc-Andre agrees with permissionless gateways but wants the core protocol to push users towards approved gateways for a better UX.
  • Concerns about gateway centralization and its impact on decentralization.
  • Difficulty of verifying gateway performance and the need for user-friendly interfaces.
  • Potential benefits of approved gateways for user experience and innovation challenges.
  • Importance of open discussion and governance for addressing concerns and finding solutions.

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