Introducing The Graph Espresso

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Your curated news source for web3 and The Graph.

The web3 space and blockchain technology evolve rapidly, especially in an ecosystem as complex as The Graph Protocol. Due to a chain-agnostic model, The Graph has touchpoints with many other ecosystems. This makes it even more difficult to keep up with all the latest news and developments. 

So how can you get all the information you need in quick shots that are easy to digest? 

Watch our news show, The Graph Espresso!

Quick shots of news, served with a buzz

Browsing through all the relevant blockchain news and then trying to determine what’s important and what’s not takes a lot of time and effort. 

The Graph Espresso is concise and to the point, so you can spend your time on other tasks and still be well informed on the relevant news.  

You can expect:

  • The latest updates and news about The Graph, including protocol developments, feature releases, and community highlights.
  • High-level explanations of specific technical aspects of The Graph or related blockchain tech.
  • Interviews with community members or thought leaders.
  • Fun banter, quirky facts, and crypto anecdotes.

Welcome to our coffee bar at the edge of the galaxy

Enjoy our dynamic space as you drink in the latest blockchain news. You’ll be welcomed by The Graph Space Baristas as your hosts.  

You’re in good hands with these two web3 enthusiasts, who each bring their own knowledge, insights, and perspectives. 

Stephane Bisson joined the crypto space in January 2017 when he invested in Bitcoin, and soon after, began trading altcoins. His success in the space led him to start a crypto-native business with like-minded friends in 2018. Six incredible years later, he’s leading the dynamic Pinax marketing team and is thankful he’s able to contribute daily to an industry he deeply believes in.

Chris Ewing discovered The Graph at the end of 2020, and quickly joined the Graphtronauts community. He’s currently a member of their admin team, participates in Graph AdvocatesDAO, and serves as a community liaison for Pinax. His non-technical crypto perspective allows him to focus on application, function, and usage—proof that web3 has room for a variety of skill sets, regardless of your coding talents.

Catch the premiere episode of The Graph Espresso!

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  1. PaulieB says:

    I took my GRT shot of news. Great job guys!! Love the quick news.

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