Navigating the Chain Integration Process: A Comprehensive Guide to GIP-0057

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Hey there, chains looking to integrate with The Graph, and developers from chains not yet on board! The decentralized world is evolving, and with GIP-0057, it’s now easier than ever for any chain to seek integration with The Graph. This is not just a step, but a giant leap towards a multi-chain future, further decentralizing the governance of The Graph. Today, we’ll explore the intricacies of this integration process and how Pinax stands ready to assist. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s delve in!

What’s GIP-0057 all about?

In a nutshell, GIP-0057 is the brainchild of Pedro Diogo from The Graph Foundation. It’s a roadmap that lays out a 3-stage, governance-based process for integrating new data sources, like blockchains, into The Graph protocol. Think of it as your friendly guide to ensuring a seamless, reliable, and efficient integration.

Why should we care?

Remember the MIPs (Migration Infrastructure Providers) program? It was a big hit. Building on that success, The Graph Foundation wants to make the integration process transparent, scalable, and open. After all, in a world that’s rapidly embracing decentralized data services, we need a process that’s up to the task.

The 3-stage process, simplified

Raise Your Hand: If you’re a team keen on protocol integration, start by creating a thread in The Graph’s Forum. It’s like saying, “Hey, we’re interested!”

Test Drive: Before hitting the main road, test the integration in places like Graph Studio 8 and The Graph’s testnet. It’s all about ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Proposal Time: Draft a GIP suggesting support for indexing rewards on The Graph’s decentralized network. The Council will give it a look, keeping in mind the success of your test drive and feedback from the community.

Decentralized Network: The Final Frontier

Getting to The Graph’s decentralized network is like getting a gold star. It means the Council recognizes the chain as a new data source, complete with support for rewards and arbitration.

Breaking down the stages

Stage 1: This is all about initial setup. We’re talking open-sourced solutions, documentation, and a sample subgraph to showcase what’s possible.

Stage 2: Integration with user-friendly platforms like Subgraph Studio 8 is key. Plus, testing on The Graph’s testnet ensures everything’s up to par.

Stage 3: The grand finale involves supporting the new blockchain on the mainnet. This includes updating the Feature Support Matrix and publishing a GIP template.

Steps in the chain integration process from The Graph (August 2023)

Community Matters

GIP-0057 is big on community involvement. Before the final GGP (Graph Governance Proposal) vote, there might be a community poll. It’s all about ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

How Pinax can assist in this journey

With GIP-0057 laid out, it’s evident that chains may need expert assistance. Enter Pinax. As a core developer on The Graph, Pinax specializes in aiding chains through this integration process.

Pinax’s offerings for your chain

  1. Hosting on The Graph: Tailored hosting for integration.
  2. Infrastructure: Robust nodes with redundancy across data centers.
  3. Support: Dedicated weekday assistance across various channels.
  4. Onboarding Package: A comprehensive suite for integration, encompassing research, testing, and documentation.
  5. Integration Process: A systematic approach to ensure seamless integration with The Graph, from proposal to mainnet integration approval.

📨 Email Pinax if you’d like help getting your chain integrated:

Wrapping up

GIP-0057 is more than just a proposal. It’s a testament to The Graph Foundation’s commitment to a transparent and efficient integration process. As we continue to explore the vast world of decentralized data, such proposals ensure we’re always moving in the right direction. And remember, in the world of decentralized data, GIP-0057 isn’t just a number—it’s the future taking shape!


I am a dedicated member of the Graph Advocates DAO and proud to be a part of the Graphtronauts community. As a passionate crypto investor and enthusiast, I have delved into the world of decentralized technologies, with a strong focus on The Graph protocol. My journey includes writing insightful blogs for Graphtronauts and contributing to the development of subgraph documentation for various projects within The Graph ecosystem. Most recently, I have taken on the role of a Pinax technical writer, further expanding my commitment to advancing the adoption and understanding of blockchain and Graph-based technologies. /n

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