DappLooker and the Power of Substreams

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Discover how DappLooker leverages Substreams to deliver real-time data for their web3 analytics.

Ever wondered how DappLooker, a leading no-code analytics platform, manages to provide real-time data? The answer lies in the magic of Substreams. This video provides a dive deep into how DappLooker uses Substreams to revolutionize web3 analytics.

The journey of DappLooker

DappLooker uses Substreams in their approach to analytics, distinguishing it from typical analytics platforms. The team uses a multi-gen, no-code solution that focuses on web3 analytics. With over 9 years of experience in various domains, Vikas Chaubey, the CTO of DappLooker, takes us through how they got started using Substreams to solve the challenge of real-time and slow indexing.

The magic of Substreams

Substreams provides a way to index data in real-time. DappLooker saw this potential and built a solution using Substreams to showcase data almost instantly, enhancing their analytics. The DappLooker team were one of the first to create Substreams-powered subgraphs, making them pioneers in this area.

A deep dive with Harsh Rajput

Harsh Rajput, a blockchain engineer at DappLooker, shares his experience with Substreams. They created an Ethereum network subgraph powered by Substreams, showcasing transaction data, block data, and contract data. This data, once saved to their Postgres database using the Substream sink library, powers beautiful dashboards like their gas tracker for Ethereum. With Substreams, they can now display live data, something that was previously impossible with traditional subgraphs.

Screenshot of DappLooker’s Gas Dashboard

The power of Substreams in action

DappLooker’s platform showcases the real power of Substreams by offering live values that are only possible with this technology. Their dashboards, which were once a dream with traditional subgraphs, are now a reality. And the best part? It’s open for everyone. Users can easily register and access this data for free.

You can also access Substreams-Sink Libraries on GitHub like StreamingFast’s and Pinax’s, or watch our Substreams Unleashed video series for more insights.

Challenges and learnings

Every innovation comes with its set of challenges. For DappLooker, the small community around Substreams meant delayed responses when seeking assistance working with Substreams. But the silver lining was the helpful nature of the Substreams community. As pioneers in using Substreams, they’ve also contributed to the community by open sourcing their code, providing detailed instructions for newbies, and sharing insights on creating Substream-powered subgraphs.

Final thoughts

Substreams have revolutionized the way DappLooker offers analytics. It’s not just about showcasing data; it’s about providing real-time, actionable insights. As the community grows and the technology matures, the possibilities are endless. If you’re intrigued, check out the video above and explore the world of real-time web3 analytics.

Substreams? More like super-streams, taking web3 analytics from zero to hero in real-time!


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  1. PaulieB says:

    Dapplooker offers invaluable tools for the Graph Protocol. Their well-designed dashboards shed light on vital stats and behaviors. Explore them here: https://dapplooker.com/browse/dashboards?sort=popular&tags=thegraph&pg=1.

  2. Abhay says:

    Substreams have made Graph protocol composable, unlocking the potential for real-time cross-chain and cross-dapp use cases. The transformation Substreams brought to our platform has been remarkable, ushering in new opportunities for real-time web3 analytics that we’re excited to share with the entire community.

    If you’re interested in exploring the multiple use cases made possible by Substreams, the videos provide in-depth insights. We’re proud to be part of this cutting edge and innovative journey, and we’re committed to continued collaboration and growth within the web3 ecosystem

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