Breaking! Pinax Now Supports Firehose and Substreams for EOS, WAX, Telos & UX

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Get fast and reliable access to blockchain data in seconds.

We’re truly delighted to announce that Pinax is adding APIs for Antelope blockchains to its free public service.

You can now use Firehose and Substreams for EOS, WAX, Telos, and UX!

Support for Ultra is coming soon.

Give it a try!

The quickstart guide will walk you through the steps to get started. Test out the service and let us know what you think!

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Follow the steps of the quickstart guide.
  3. Connect, play around, and let us know what you think in the comments below or on our Discord.

Why Antelope chains?

We’re super stoked to announce that we’re adding the Firehose and Substreams service for Antelope chains because they offer so many opportunities for web3 builders.

Antelope blockchains have:

  • High-speed performance with minimal latency
  • Insane reliability, with virtually no downtime
  • Robust tools and interfaces for a user-friendly experience
  • Feeless transactions
  • The highest level of security

Learn more about how Firehose and Substreams and the Antelope ecosystem are a match made in tech heaven in this epic X thread. Help spread the word by liking and reposting!

What about dfuse?

You may be familiar with dfuse, an open source platform for searching and processing blockchain data. dfuse uses Firehose, just like Substreams, but dfuse has limitations in reliability and cost. Firehose and Substreams are more scalable, faster, and cheaper.

So if you’re using dfuse, you’re going to want to explore this new service and switch.

What other chains does Pinax support?

You can see all supported chains on our website. Plus we’re adding more all the time.

For some general information about Firehose and Substreams, check out our initial post that introduced the free service, Pinax-Supported Chains for Firehose and Substreams.

What are you waiting for?

Not sure what to build? To help inspire you, watch our Substreams Unleashed video series for practical ways you can use Firehose and Substreams. Watch as a blockchain developer populates a Google Sheet with blockchain data, fetches and streams data to a dApp, and much more.

Stay in touch

Once you’ve had a chance to try the service, leave us a comment on our Discord and let us know about your experience.

Subscribe to our newsletter near the bottom of any Pinax webpage to be notified when we add more chains and more services, like our premium plans. Our premium plans will offer more capabilities and faster speeds.


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