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Simplify Real-Time Blockchain Analytics with ClickHouse

Substreams Dec 05, 2023 3 Comments

TL;DR: ClickHouse Sink revolutionizes blockchain data analytics by offering a fast, flexible, and user-friendly platform for efficient data extraction and processing. Hey there! Let’s dive into the world of blockchain analytics and see how ClickHouse is changing the game. ClickHouse isn’t just any database; it’s a powerhouse for crunching big data in real-time. And when it comes to blockchain, that’s…

Pinax-Supported Chains for Firehose and Substreams

Reliable access to blockchain data in seconds, at blazing fast speeds. Pinax is excited to announce that our free service is available, providing you with the APIs to use Firehose and Substreams for supported blockchains. Want to jump right in and try the service? Skip to the steps to get started right away. What are Firehose and Substreams? Firehose is…

Enhancing Web3 Analytics with Spyglass and Substreams

Substreams Oct 22, 2023 No Comments

Learn how Spyglass is building a cutting-edge web3 analytics platform to tackle the issues of complexity and slow access to blockchain data by harnessing the power of Substreams. The challenges of web3 analytics Web3 analytics have always been complex and time-consuming, involving hours of crafting extensive SQL queries on platforms like Dune Analytics. Another challenge is the delay in data…