The Graph Indexer Office Hours #138

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TL;DR: Important updates for indexers and The Graph enthusiasts, including the latest releases, updates on Subgraph Radio, and a lively discussion with Maarten from Astar.

Welcome to another edition of Indexer Office Hours!

Today is December 19, and this is Indexer Office Hours 138.

Don’t miss the latest GRTiQ episode with Mujtaba Idrees, Blockchain Solutions Architect at Deutsche Telekom.

Repo watch

The latest updates to important repositories

Execution Layer Clients

  • Geth: New releases:
    • v1.13.6 :
      • The gas estimator was heavily reworked. The new version runs quite a bit faster (normally completing in 7–8 attempts rather than 18–20). However, the results have an error ratio of 1.5%, and the estimation outcome won’t always be deterministic.
      • Geth v1.13.6 is a scheduled maintenance release, but it also contains some changes that might affect node operators, concerning logging.
    • v1.13.7 :
      • The eth_sendTransaction RPC method now behaves more correctly for low-fee transactions.
      • We have upgraded the module dependency. The Go team has issued a new version to fix a vulnerability in the ssh package. While we do not use this package, we have upgraded the dependency to stop dependabot warnings.
  • sfeth/fireeth: New releases v2.1.0 :
    • Bump to major release firehose-core v1.0.0.
    • When upgrading your stack to this release, be sure to upgrade all components simultaneously because the block encapsulation format has changed. Blocks that are merged using the new merger will not be readable by previous versions. There is no simple way to revert, except by deleting all the one-blocks and merged-blocks that were produced with this version.
  • Nethermind: New releases v1.24.0 :
    • Reduce IOPS and bandwidth requirements during sync by up to 200Mbps or ~8% of overall bandwidth during sync.
    • Reduce IOPS and bandwidth requirements when serving headers to peers.
    • Require an additional 800MB of metadata database for the mainnet.
    • Added OP Sepolia and Base Sepolia support.
    • Added archive configuration support for both Optimism and Base.
    • This version cannot be downgraded. Once you upgrade to this version or sync from scratch with it, you cannot downgrade to any previous version.
  • Arbitrum-nitro: New release v2.2.0 :
    • This release adds support for ArbOS 11, significantly improves batch poster performance, and continues splitting the execution and consensus parts of the node.
    • The –node.caching.*–node.forwarder.*–node.forwarding-target–node.parent-chain-reader.*–node.rpc.*–node.tx-lookup-limit–node.sequencer.*–node.tx-pre-checker.*, and –node.recording-database flags have all been moved from –node.* to –execution.*. E.g. –node.caching.archive is now –execution.caching.archive.
    • This release will be required for the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet, and if the ArbOS 11 Arbitrum DAO vote passes, this release will be required for the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova mainnets mid-January. Exact details on the timelines will be released soon.

Consensus Layer Clients

Information on the different clients

  • Teku: New releases:
    • 23.12.0 :
      • This is an optional update with bug fixes and performance improvements.
      • Note: The new –checkpoint-sync-url option is missing from the CLI help. The documentation for that flag can be found on our documentation page.
    • 23.12.1 :
      • This is an optional update containing a few bug fixes found in 23.12.0. It is a recommended upgrade only for users running 23.12.0.
      • Fixed the command line help not displaying -checkpoint-sync-url as an option.
      • Fixed a bug preventing node to start when using -exit-when-no-validator-keys-enabled even with keys present.
      • Fixed a bug preventing node to start if it failed to download the deposit snapshot tree from Beacon API.
  • Nimbus: New release v23.11.0 :
    • Nimbus v23.11.0 is a low-urgency upgrade bringing enhanced support for the Obol DVT middleware, further profit optimizations for the Nimbus validator client, and a simplified and safe alternative to the trusted node sync.

Graph Stack

  • Subgraph-radio New releases:
    • 1.0.0:
      • user config renaming
      • refactor: use radio payload trait
      • refactor: effective control of event durations and timeouts
      • feat: switch to SQLite instead of JSON for state persistence
      • Indexer address validation
      • Remove waku discovery enr
      • Use slack bot with webhook
      • feat: update e2e tests

Graph Orchestration Tooling

Join us every other Wednesday at 5 pm UTC for Launchpad Office Hours and get the latest updates on running Launchpad. The next one is on January 17. Bring all your questions!

Blockchains Operator Upgrade Calendar

The Blockchains Operator Upgrade Calendar is your one-stop solution for tracking hard fork updates and scheduled maintenance for various protocols within The Graph ecosystem.

Designed specifically for blockchain node operators, this calendar provides timely reminders to ensure your node is up to date. Accept or reject invitations for the chains/protocols you need to support and receive pre-notifications for mandatory upgrades.

Add to your calendar to stay on top of all major protocol events, including hard fork(s) and essential updates, for seamless node functioning. Simplify your upgrade process and never miss a deadline again.

Special thanks to @maoueh (Matthieu Vachon) for creating and sharing.

Protocol watch

The latest updates on important changes to the protocol

Contracts Repository

Open discussion

  • There will be a break for the Christmas period, with Indexer Office Hours resuming on January 9.
  • The Graph team discussed Subgraph Radio, a tool that allows indexers to share gossip about subgraphs and take action based on that gossip. Subgraph Radio has two main features: Proof of Indexing cross-checks and subgraph upgrade pre-syncing. The team is also working on a generalized pipeline to process gossip and materialize results.
  • The more that indexers and other participants use Subgraph Radio, the more useful it will become for everyone.
  • Subgraph Radio resources:
  • Stay tuned for the next Graphcast episode on January 9 for more exciting updates on the world of subgraphs!
  • Pedro from Optimism gave a brief update on the status of Optimism’s indexing rewards. The sixth vote from the council has been received, and everything is being prepared at the network level for indexing rewards to be activated on mainnet.

Chain watch

We had the good fortune to host a discussion with Maarten from Astar on the following:


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