The Graph Indexer Office Hours #135

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TL;DR: The Graph team hosted Indexer Office Hours 135 on November 28, 2023. The meeting covered a variety of topics, including a discussion of the future of indexing, the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem, the importance of decentralization, the challenges of indexing on Arbitrum One, the macroeconomics of indexing, decentralized gateways, the new era roadmap for indexers, and the development of large language models (LLMs).

Welcome to another edition of Indexer Office Hours!

Today is November 28, and this is Indexer Office Hours 135.

Opening remarks

Check out the latest GRTiQ podcast, featuring Anirudh Patel from Semiotic Labs.

Repo watch

The latest updates to important repositories.

Execution Layer Clients

  • Avalanche: v1.10.16 adds a read-only mode and removes retry features.
  • Arbitrum-nitro: v2.2.0-alpha.4 fixes retryable transaction processing.
  • Heimdall: v1.0.3-amoy includes Amoy testnet chainspecs.

Consensus Layer Clients

Information on the different clients

  • Prysm: v4.1.1 includes two critical bug fixes.
  • Teku: v23.11.0 is an optional update with bug fixes, performance improvements, and security fixes.
  • Nimbus: v23.10.1 is a low-urgency hotfix addressing a peer scoring issue.
  • Lighthouse: v4.5.0 is a low-priority release with Holesky re-launch configurations and minor features and fixes.

Graph Stack

Graph Orchestration Tooling

Launchpad v2 is now available.

Attend biweekly Launchpad Office Hours for the latest updates and to ask your questions. The next one is on Wednesday, Dec. 6. Check The Graph Discord under Events.

Blockchains Operator Upgrade Calendar

Stay on top of hard fork updates and scheduled maintenance with the Blockchains Operator Upgrade Calendar.

Protocol watch

The latest updates on important changes to the protocol.

Forum Governance

Forum Research

Contracts Repository

Network Subgraphs

  • Core network subgraph: Unit tests for L1 and Sepolia/Arbitrum Sepolia deployment (v0.22.0)
  • No new releases for analytics and billing subgraphs since the last IOH.

Project watch

A detailed update from core developers on

Open discussion

  • New Era Roadmap AMA
  • Update on L2 rewards (95%)
  • POAPs for today’s call
  • Arbitrum dashboard
  • Answered questions from the audience about the topics covered in the session
  • Discussed the future of indexing and the role of The Graph
  • Discussed the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem and the increasing importance of indexing
  • Highlighted the importance of decentralization in the indexing space
  • The speakers discussed the challenges of indexing on Arbitrum One, a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum
  • They specifically discussed the high gas fees and the need to frequently open and close allocations
  • The speakers also discussed the tools they use to manage their allocations, such as Indexer Tools by Vince
  • They are also wondering if the gas estimation code in the indexer or agent has been adapted for Arbitrum One or if it is still the same as on mainnet
  • The participants discussed the macroeconomics of indexing and how it will change with the removal of curation
  • They also discussed the different types of data services that indexers will be able to run and how they will be tokenized
  • They discussed decentralized gateways and when they will be available
  • The speakers discussed the new era roadmap for indexers
  • Mark Andre has filled in the form to become an upgrade indexer
  • Vince has also filled in the form
  • Nick asks how indexers are managing allocations on L2
  • The speakers discussed how the advancement of layer 2 has made it cheaper to index, which has led to indexers grabbing more allocations
  • The speakers discussed the development of large language models (LLMs) and their potential applications
  • One speaker mentions using LLMs to research twice as fast as they can on their own and to help them write scripts
  • Another speaker is interested in running their LLMs and having agents that can privately look at their data and draw insights for them
  • A third speaker mentions a tool called Agency that can be used to query blockchain data in plain language
  • One speaker asks: “If you could automate one or two things about your index or experience magically right now, what would they be?”
  • Another speaker asks, “How do you expect the indexing market to change due to heterogeneous index capabilities?”
  • A discussion about potentially adding a control for subgraph pruning was started
  • Matthew is planning to have teams from new chains come onto Indexer Office Hours to explain their chains and how to spin up a node in their network

Next steps

Please join us for the next Indexer Office Hours on December 5.


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