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A few weeks ago, Pinax was on site at University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, participating in The Graph Foundation’s first ever On Campus event.

The Graph On Campus aims to educate and empower the next generation of web3 creators by teaching them about web3 technologies, including how to build powerful dApps with The Graph.

The schedule currently includes more than 30 campuses globally, across Canada, the US, India, China, and Hong Kong, with more to be added.

Workshop by Pinax’s own

As part of the evening’s activities, Pinax engineer, Yaro Shkvorets, presented a workshop, Quickstart to Subgraph Development & Querying. Yaro introduced participants to The Graph Network and subgraphs, and then showed them how to build a subgraph and query data from it.

Everyone was given access to the subgraph development workshop GitHub repository, with the presentation slides, examples of good subgraphs, and a sweet list of resources on The Graph and subgraphs, so they could continue their web3 journey.

Always have swag and pizza!

The event was in collaboration with the blockchain club at University of Waterloo, but was open to all students and professors across campus, and almost 50 people attended.

Participants received The Graph tote bags as souvenirs, plus the chance to win prizes if they scored in the top 5 on the quiz. The evening ended with a meet & greet and pizza!

Hands-on hackathon

To encourage participants to start building right away, participants could enter a one-week virtual hackathon, with $2,500 worth of prizes for the top three submissions.

The hackathon asked participants to explore different ways to use The Graph for analytics, as well as dApp and infrastructure use cases.


If you’re curious about The Graph and web3 tech and want to gain some practical know-how, ask your student blockchain club to contact The Graph, and ask if they’ll come to your school!


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  1. PaulieB says:

    Wow, interesting. I may try to make the one near me in November if I can.

  2. Pinax Team says:

    Yes, you should! Meet the team and discover something new about using The Graph for analytics.

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