Unleash the Power of Blockchain Data in Google Sheets

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Quickly and easily bring blockchain data to your spreadsheet.

Learn how to access and analyze blockchain data such as token prices, transaction volumes, and on-chain activity, all within your favorite spreadsheet editor. This powerful tool offers customization, flexibility, and speed for a seamless experience. 

Why access blockchain data?

  • Market analysis: to analyze a token and see its price history and growth, tokenomics  (supply or distribution)
  • On-chain activity measurement: to see transaction volumes, contract interactions, etc.
  • Traceability: to access yearly transactions for tax reports
  • Security incident analysis: to trace transactions and look into unauthorized access 

How can you access blockchain data?

There are some tools that allow you to pull blockchain data, but they are limited in how you can customize them or the information you can access isn’t complete.

  • Aggregator websites (e.g. CoinMarketCap, DeFillama) provide access to some data but may not have the information that you need. 
  • Blockchain explorers have many details about certain transactions, but they are not really customizable, which means you can spend a lot of time searching. 
  • Dashboard builders (e.g. Dune, Glassnode) are another option, and they are customizable, but the data may be limited. Plus you need SQL knowledge to make requests.

Use Substreams and Google Sheets

To get access to fully customizable data, use Substreams and Google Sheets. You’ll get tabular data, so you can work those formulas and create charts in a familiar interface.

More benefits:

  • Highly flexible and customizable: you can get only the information that you need or all that you want.
  • Chain-agnostic: generic Substreams allow you to get data from multiple blockchains with only one Substream.
  • Fast and efficient: optimizations like gRPC compression and cached operations are included.

Don’t miss the demo!

Watch Étienne, an analytics developer at Pinax, use a Substream to pull custom blockchain data about Antelope token transfers to a Google Sheet. He then uses Looker Studio reports to quickly and easily create an insightful dashboard.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for future updates and developments, and join us in revolutionizing blockchain data analysis!

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