University Students Gain Hands-On Web3 Experience with Pinax

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Learn how we support students looking for opportunities in web3 technologies.

TL;DR: Discover how Pinax is helping university students into the web3 space, fostering hands-on blockchain projects and collaborations that bridge academia and industry.

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Ever wonder how fresh minds at universities can navigate and contribute to the ever-evolving web3 space? Pinax has been passionately working on this, and here’s a deeper dive into our journey.

The spark

A few years back, one of our co-founders, Vincent Grenier, attended a startup event at Université de Sherbrooke. It wasn’t just any event—it was a fusion of ideas, innovations, and aspirations.

Among the attendees, we met a student named Justin Brulotte. He had a burning idea for his end-of-bachelor-degree project involving blockchain. Eager to explore and innovate, Justin reached out to us at Pinax for mentorship, and that’s where our collaborative adventure began.

Université de Sherbrooke

Teamwork makes the dream work

We believe in the power of collaboration. So, instead of just offering advice, we jumped right in. Together with Justin and other students, we brainstormed, demystified blockchain through presentations, and formed two dynamic teams of young engineers.

With our mentorship, 14 junior developers collaborated to create two prototypes using blockchain technology. One is a financial dashboard where you can aggregate and filter your account transactions to see your portfolio. The other is a governance platform that allows individuals to vote on ideas and upload business or DAO documents to assure their integrity and authenticity. Both interfaces are accessible through a shared login via blockchain identity authentication.

These weren’t just student projects—they were the start of a movement.

Spreading the word

Our initial success was exhilarating, and it got us thinking, “What if we could ignite this spark in more students?” So, we expanded our horizons, reaching out to universities like ÉTS and Polytechnique in Montreal.

Today, our collaboration footprint includes over eight prototypes and a network of around 70 budding junior developers.

Vincent Grenier, on keeping work open source:

Let’s collaborate, let’s share, and let’s put all that information out widely so that everyone can access it and benefit from it.

Making it real

Lobster supply chain

One of the most notable outcomes of our collaboration with university students is the lobster supply chain initiative. Our partners include:

This project aims to revolutionize the seafood industry by ensuring traceability and transparency for lobsters sourced from Eastern Canada using blockchain and RFID technology.

By tracking each lobster’s journey from the ocean to the dining table, consumers can be confident in the authenticity and quality of their seafood, while producers can showcase their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Implementing Substreams as part of this project is still in development. Stay tuned for more on how the lobster supply chain project will use this cutting-edge tech in a future article.

NFT-based tickets

Another project is the development of an NFT-based ticketing platform that facilitates seamless data management and verification. This innovative approach transforms traditional event tickets into unique and collectible digital assets or NFTs, enhancing the ticketing experience with added utility, gamification, and robust anti-counterfeiting measures.

A system like this not only ensures the authenticity of tickets but also offers the potential for unique fan engagement and experiences. For example, you could set up resales so that the musician or event can take a percentage, track attendees, or airdrop concession funds for food or drinks.

The grand vision

Beyond individual projects, we’re offering internships, fostering student blockchain associations, and synergizing with blockchain research initiatives.

Our goal? To create a thriving ecosystem where academia and industry intersect and collaborate on building open source systems.

We’re now working on streamlining our processes so we can provide the tools and resources for everyone to initiate such projects in their local communities. By growing this initiative, we ensure more developers collaborate on adoption of web3, while fostering engagement and collaboration between web3 service providers, local universities, and cities.

The ripple effect

Our initiatives are having an impact. Students have not only been introduced to the vast potential of the web3 space but have also gained hands-on experience.

Many have transitioned from being curious learners to industry-ready professionals, with one intern joining our ranks so far and many others reaching out after they graduate to network about blockchain initiatives.

A future article will follow up on the progress of the lobster supply chain initiative and provide the GitHub repos.

Wrapping up

Over the past three years, we’ve worked hard to help usher university students into the web3 domain. Our collaborative spirit, real-world applications, and expansive vision make us more than just a company—we’re a movement.

If you’re a student, educator, or tech enthusiast looking to dive into the web3 space, we invite you to reach out and join us on this exciting journey. Contact us at Let’s shape the future together!


I am a dedicated member of the Graph Advocates DAO and proud to be a part of the Graphtronauts community. As a passionate crypto investor and enthusiast, I have delved into the world of decentralized technologies, with a strong focus on The Graph protocol. My journey includes writing insightful blogs for Graphtronauts and contributing to the development of subgraph documentation for various projects within The Graph ecosystem. Most recently, I have taken on the role of a Pinax technical writer, further expanding my commitment to advancing the adoption and understanding of blockchain and Graph-based technologies. /n


  1. Kevin says:

    Great initiative!

  2. PaulieB says:

    This is such a cool initiative by Pinax! I can’t wait to see what other Universities get involved.

  3. Vincent says:

    I am looking forward to finding more student groups to build web3 prototypes using Substreams.
    It is awesome to plan a project and see students actually deliver a working prototype.
    If any of you students have prototype ideas to propose, let me know!

  4. Andrew says:

    Wow it’s amazing watching in real-time as the next generation of builders and entrepreneurs grab web3 by the horns (an odd metaphor… but the w in web3 has horns sort of).
    As an aside, LobsterCoin seems very memeable

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