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The Pinax team is pleased to introduce the world to our new blog!

This is a place for web3 builders who seek to leverage the power of blockchain data to unlock amazing experiences for our communities.

Great web3 experiences need reliable and instant access to both fresh and historical blockchain data. But that’s hard to come by, especially as the rate of data created increases, along with the variety of blockchains and methods for formatting that data.

We believe that the future is multi-chain, and the world’s most valuable verified open data will live on purpose-built networks that each serve unique needs. Applications of the future will aggregate data and serve it seamlessly to their users without them even knowing it comes from a blockchain.

But that can’t happen until it’s easy for developers to reliably access the data in a consistent format. That’s where Pinax and this blog comes in.

Watch this space to learn about:

At Pinax, our mission is to enable creators to achieve their true potential with web3 technology.

We believe that everyone is a creator, and that true potential is achieved when you confidently pursue your true self, without compromising your values. Web3 technology makes that possible because it enables resilience through collaboration and independence.

Join us as we co-create a world where everyone can build their own vision of the future.

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