The Graph Indexer Office Hours #132

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TL;DR: Join Indexer Office Hours #132 to learn about the latest updates on The Graph protocol, including support for Ronin mainnet, decimal Smart Chain integration, auto grafting feature, and more.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Indexer Office Hours!

We’re excited to be back to discuss indexing with you. We’ll be covering a variety of topics, including:

  • Repo watch: We’ll look at the latest repository developments in indexing and discuss them.
  • Protocol watch: We’ll explore the latest Graph protocol updates and how they affect your indexing experience.
  • Project watch: We’ll highlight some of the most interesting projects using The Graph and what they’re building.
  • Open discussion: We’ll open the floor for questions and discussion so you can get your questions answered by our team of experts.

You can learn more about our office hours, including how to join and what to expect, at The Graph’s Indexer Office Hours Notion page.

So, whether you’re a seasoned indexer or just starting, we hope you’ll join us for office hours. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Repo watch

The following are some of the latest updates on important repos:

  • Execution Layer Clients
    • Avalanche has released version 1.10.15, which adds PE as an allowed option for DB type and fixes a C-chain Tracer API panic.
    • Arbitrum Nitro has released version 2.2.0-alpha.1, which moves all CLI flags that start with node to execution.
    • Heimdall has released version 1.0.3, which addresses some minor fixes encountered in the previous release.
  • Consensus Layer Clients
    • Nimbus has released version 23.10.1, a low-urgency hotfix that addresses a peer scoring issue introduced in the previous release.
  • Graph Stack
    • Indexer Service & Agent has released version 0.20.23, which adds a network option for the actions approve command, fixes a bug with the MaxAllocationEpochs value, and adds a startup parameter called deploymentManagement.
    • Subgraph-radio has released versions 0.1.9 and 0.1.10, which add peerData and localPeerData GraphQL APIs.

Protocol watch

The following are some of the latest updates on the Graph protocol:

  • Forum Governance
    • Support for Ronin mainnet has been added.
    • Decimal Smart Chain integration is being explored.
    • Forum Research.
    • Contract support story.

Project watch

The following is an update on the Indexer Experience project:

  • The auto grafting feature is still under development.
  • A new migration is planned to make the protocol Network column nullable.
  • The integration testing framework is being simplified.
  • The integration between Graph Node and Substreams is being improved.

Complete the Indexer Experience feedback survey so you can help inform development plans and improve the GitHub Projects section of IOH.

Open discussion

The following is a summary of the Open Discussion on Market Power and Decentralization:

  • Justin Grana from Edge & Node presented on market power and decentralization in the Graph ecosystem.
  • The discussion focused on the following questions:
    • What are the different types of market power that exist in The Graph ecosystem?
    • How does market power impact the decentralization of The Graph ecosystem?
    • What are some potential solutions to mitigate the risks of market power?

JIP 58

  • JIP 58 is a new proposal allowing indexers to allocate to subgraphs on all chains, not just those with indexing rewards.
  • Some indexers have expressed concern that this could lead to centralization.
  • Justin from Edge & Node, a proposer of JIP 58, discussed the proposal and answered questions from the community.

L2 rewards bump

  • The Graph team is considering bumping L2 rewards to 95% at the end of November.
  • Some delegators have expressed concern about the speed of the migration.
  • Cohen from Edge & Node expressed support for the bump.

Chain watch

The following is an update on the Sepolia testnet:

  • Arbitrum now supports Sepolia.
  • The Graph team is working on moving the network subgraphs and the analytics subgraph to Sepolia.

Sunrise announcement

  • The Graph team is launching Sunrise, an initiative to make it seamless for subgraph developers and data consumers to upgrade to the decentralized network.
  • Indexers can apply to become Sunrise indexers and support the upgrade.
  • The Graph team is encouraging indexers to submit feedback on the Sunrise initiative.
  • Graph Node is simplifying the integration testing framework.
  • Graph Node is improving the integration between Graph Node and Substreams.

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