Join the Hack’n Heights Online Hackathon: Unlock Web3’s Incredible Potential

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Pinax partners with Chainlink, The Graph, Soonami, and Plurality Network for this week-long event!

TL;DR: Get all the details you need to participate in the Hack'n Heights online hackathon: who it's for, sponsors, project requirements and prizes, the schedule, the judges, and how to register.

What is Hack’n Heights?

A week-long online hackathon during Berlin Blockchain Week 2024, with a total prize pool of $6,000 USD.

Winning projects will also have the chance to pitch their start-up idea to Soonami, a new-generation venture builder, for $125,000 in potential funding.

Sign up on the Hack’n Heights event page.

 💡 Let’s answer the question: How can decentralized data redefine our digital interactions?

Who is this hackathon for?

Anyone who is eager to learn more about decentralized data and build innovative applications at this intersection of data and blockchain.

We’re looking for:

  • Blockchain developers
  • Tech entrepreneurs
  • Tech enthusiasts

Team up with others to round out your skills and participate from anywhere in the world!

Key dates

Check the complete schedule for hands-on sessions with Plurality, Chainlink, and The Graph.

Join the hackathon Discord server to chat with organizers.

Who are the bounty sponsors?

A list of the bounty sponsors, Chainlink is providing 3000 USD, Plurality is providing 1000 USD, The Graph is providing 1000 USD and Pinax is providing 1000 USD. Winners get a chance to pitch to for the $125K funding potential.

Pinax provides real-time blockchain indexing through Firehose and Substreams technology, empowering web3 builders to create amazing experiences for their communities.

Bounty details

Chainlink provides decentralized oracles, seamlessly integrating off-chain data into the blockchain world.

Bounty details

  • Best three projects using Chainlink CCIP, Functions, VRF, Automation, Data Streams, Data Feeds, or PoR. Get more details in the Chainlink project requirements.
  • Prize: $1,000 USD each

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data, making it accessible for dApps and the broader off-chain landscape.

Bounty details

As a hacker, you can participate in two categories:

  • Best new subgraph(s): Build and deploy a custom GraphQL API that indexes data from a smart contract to query blockchain data to your dApp. Get started here.
  • Best use of existing subgraph(s): Query an existing subgraph on Graph Explorer or the hosted service using the public query URL from the subgraph dashboard. Get started here.
  • Prize: $1,000 USD

Plurality Network offers an onboarding solution that aggregates variable user data from platforms for both on-chain and off-chain use cases.

Bounty details

  • Best use of Plurality’s Social Connect widget:
    • Onboard users to web3 and leverage the underlying open social context layer provided by Plurality in your dApp. Get started here.
    • Enable web3 use cases that have yet to be explored because of the absence of user profiles and context in blockchain-based dApps. We’ve listed some use cases as a starter, but builders are welcome to think of more that can shape on-chain interactions.
  • Prize: $1,000 USD

Plus… winners get a chance to pitch to Soonami for $125,000 in potential funding!

Who are the judges?

Your esteemed judges include:

Pictures of the judges with their names and titles underneath. Mike Brucken, COO at Data Nexus and member of BuildersDAO. Hira Siddiqui, founder of Plurality Network. Frank Kong, Chainlink Developer Advocacy. Marcus Rein, Developer Success and Relations at Edge & Node.

Join us!

Sign up for Hack’n Heights. Take the lead and show how our innovative technology and that of our co-sponsors can showcase web3’s incredible potential.

Let’s reveal the cohesive power of these technologies, and demonstrate their compatibility and strength in solving complex data problems.

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- What is Hack'n Heights?
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- What is Pinax doing for Berlin Blockchain Week?
- How can a tech enthusiast learn more about decentralized data?


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